PHAM V SSHD [2015] UKSC 19

Appeal to the Supreme Court from the Court of Appeal. The appellant was born in Vietnam and as a young child came to the United Kingdom, acquiring British citizenship at the age of 12. Aged 21 he converted to Islam and thereafter became an Islamic extremist. On 20 December 2011 the respondent made an order under s.40(2) of the British Nationality Act 1981 depriving him of British nationality on the ground that it would be conducive to the public good because the Security Service assessed that PHAM was involved in terrorism related activities. He was subsequently extradited to the United States of terrorism charges. The appellant argued that the respondent’s decision was in breach of s.40 (4) as it rendered him stateless and contrary to EU law. The Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision.

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