Re P (Representation) Court of Appeal [1996] 1 FLR 486, [1996] 1 FCR 457, CA (Russell and Thorpe LJJ and Sir Ralph Gibson)

I acted for seven children in High Court care proceedings. The eldest then instructed their own solicitor. Then the 2nd eldest sought her own solicitor: she opposed the care plan. Douglas Brown J refused. I appealed to clarify the representation of children with conflicting views. The Court of Appeal held that for a solicitor to represent all the children including a dissenting child was a task incapable of due performance. It was impossible for a single advocate to support the care plan and at the same time mount an all-out attack upon that plan on behalf of one dissenting child.
Indira Ramsahoye for the local authority and.Roderic Wood, QC for the guardian ad litem.

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