Amean Elgadhy wins Legal Aid Barrister at the 2022 LALYs

14 Jul 2022

Dear all,

There have been far too many well wishes to thank you all individually but I just wanted to say how appreciated and supported I feel by being part of such an amazing set.

This truly was/is a collective effort and I’m feeling so much love from each and every one of you.  One Pump Court gave me the opportunity and honour to represent vulnerable and marginalised clients which I – like many of you – find both rewarding and motivating.

I was not expecting the win, which is why I was flummoxed on stage… I didn’t get to say thank you, to you all and particularly to the fantastic Rachel Francis who was instrumental in pulling the application together and nominating me for such a fantastic award.

As you are all aware, Rachel does so much work on well-being and the need for each of us to be sure to take time off – to ensure that we are as fit as possible to do the best for our lay clients.

I wish to give a special thanks to Lindsay Adams too, who some of you may know was my pupil supervisor and taught me so much during Pupillage which was an excellent springboard towards developing my care/child protection practice.  She has recently hung up her wig and gown after many years of public service at the legally aided bar.

Those solicitors who have supported me over the years, those that supported my application and those that have entrusted me to represent their clients’ interests – I’m so grateful!

I would like to thank the judiciary who are working tirelessly to reduce the backlogs caused by the pandemic.  Particularly, those Judges who took the time to support my nomination, especially under the current pressures.

We have a duty to assist the Court and must not forget their important and vital constitutional role during these testing times.  We must afford them the opportunity to redress balance in our justice system by continuing to bring those difficult cases to ensure access to justice for all, which in turn supports a healthy democratic society to flourish.

Finally, I wanted to say that I dedicate my award to our colleagues that work in criminal defence and I would encourage us to do more to assist our colleagues both within chambers and across the bar, generally.

We need to encourage our Practice Bar Associations to do more – where they can in this regard – because in solidarity there is strength.

The current regime are likely to continue to attack “lefty/campaigning lawyers” – aka publicly funded lawyers – in all areas of legal aid.

This must not be tolerated – inappropriate and inaccurate language matters!

Long live legal aid 👊🏽

Kindest regards,



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