Opportunities for tenancy – Housing, Property and Social Welfare

14 Mar 2018

Opportunities for tenancy – Housing, Property and Social Welfare

Society is not equal. We use the law to level the field. 

One Pump Court uses fearless advocacy and professionalism to provide access to justice for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.

We are looking for talented, passionate and driven barristers wishing to join our renowned Housing, Property and Social Welfare teams. Practitioners of all levels, with high standards of excellence and a commitment to the One Pump Court ethos, should apply using the application form on our website, including a CV and send to Jeannine Lewis jdl@onepumpcourt.co.uk. Group applications will also be considered.

If you would like to discuss anything prior to any application please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Clerk, Ian Burrow in chambers or via email ib@onepumpcourt.co.uk.

One Pump Court has a fundamental commitment to equality, and welcomes applications from all barristers who can demonstrate a commitment to our ethos and our high standards of excellence.

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