RIP Asma Jahangir

14 Feb 2018

Following the passing of Asma Jahangir this week, One Pump Court has paid homage to the incredible work she undertook as an honourary member of Chambers, and celebrated her lifetime achievements, which will live on through the lives of others.

All who met Asma will remember her as a passionate, fearless barrister, who campaigned tirelessly for the rights of Pakistan’s most vulnerable people, in a valiant effort to improve the country’s human rights record, and overall welfare.

Throughout her life, Asma faced many obstacles, some physical, in the form of police brutality, but none of these issues stood in the way of her fight to improve the life of those in need – most notably women, children and those of religious minorities.

Along with her sister, Asma set up the first legal aid centre in Pakistan, and co-founded the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. This, alongside her fearless work fighting for those with less of a voice, led to global recognition, and paved the way for her extraordinary career.

Described by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai as a “saviour of democracy and human rights”, One Pump Court is proud of our affiliation with Ms Jahangir during her lifetime.

One Pump Court would like to thank Ms Jahangir for all she has done, for being an inspiration to the youth of today. We pass on our sincere and heartfelt condolences to all who loved her.

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