Black Lives Matter

9 Jun 2020

Members and staff of One Pump Court Chambers are appalled at the horrifying killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in the United States over recent weeks.  We recognise that the UK too, has a history where racialised people (to include terms such as POC and BAME etc.) have likewise lost their lives in similar circumstances.

We condemn racism and discrimination in all its forms. We stand with Black Lives Matter.  As ever, we stand alongside marginalised communities and all those who face prejudice and oppression simply for being who they are.

Our ethos at One Pump Court Chambers recognises that ‘society is not equal’.  We continue to do all we can to change this.  We remain committed to levelling the playing field for all. We are proud of our record in defending the rights and liberties of everyone, including marginalised groups, by fearlessly representing our clients equally. We stand alongside them all.

We are particularly proud to be the only chambers with mandatory anti-oppression training for all members and all staff.  We recognise that as barristers with a level of privilege, we are not immune to structural racism and oppression amongst ourselves and in our dealings with the world.

We call strongly for compulsory anti-oppression training to be adopted across the entire legal profession.  To help create a more diverse and inclusive environment for us all.  To ensure that we do all we can to eliminate our potential for racism and unconscious bias; whether towards our clients, in our communities and in the world.

We will continue to stand up with oppressed communities and to use our collective voice to call strongly for change. We invite you to stand with us!

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