Capacity and Litigation Friends in the Immigration Tribunal

2nd September 2021

Client incapacity can present challenges for any lawyer. Depending on our previous exposure and training, it can be daunting: challenging our professional ethical instincts, and engaging law which hasn’t usually been central in our training. Compounding this, law and procedure in the Tribunal is underdeveloped, and Judges can be unfamiliar with the issues. This webinar, delivered by Asma Nizami, Ben Bundock and Eleri Griffiths, will give you a legal and procedural foundation to respond to incapacity when it arises in your cases. We will explore law and procedure, and highlight common misconceptions about capacity. We will also offer practical tips on recognising possible incapacity in our clients, and then protecting their interests: identifying and instructing experts; identifying and appointing litigation friends; and navigating Tribunal procedure.

Date: 2nd September 2021
Time: 3pm

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