CFC: non molestation order

Andréa Hounto represented the Applicant mother in a complex Non-Molestation Order (NMO) and committal hearing. The application was made following the father’s repeated breach of a final child arrangement order, which precluded him from contacting the mother or the child. The Judge was reluctant to make an NMO on the basis that an undertaking would have the same effect, and that the most recent incident had occurred almost 2 months prior to the hearing date, with no further incidents. Andréa made submissions arguing that an undertaking would not be appropriate in this case due to the pattern of behaviour exhibited by the father. She submitted that the repeated breaches amount to a complete disregard for court orders and invited the judge to consider this case as an exceptional one. The Judge subsequently ordered an NMO with a zonal restriction against the father for the duration of 12 months.

Where: Central Family Court, before of HHJ Oliver

Outcome: Judge ordered an NMO for 12 months, including a zonal restriction against father.

Instructed by: Beck Fitzgerald.

Andrea Hounto was able to accept instructions from April 2023

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