Equal Opportunities

One Pump Court is committed to equality of opportunity. It is our policy to treat everyone equally and fairly regardless of their background, racial group, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion or belief, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. One Pump Court has appointed an Equality and Diversity Officer and a Diversity Data Officer.

Bar Standards Board Equality & Diversity Survey

In accordance with the Bar Standards Board Equality Rules, One Pump Court Chambers has published anonymised diversity data in summary form which can be viewed here. Data is not published where its publication might reasonably lead to the identification of individuals. For our latest data and statistics, please click here.

Anti-racist statement

Our ethos at One Pump Court Chambers recognises that ‘society is not equal’ and we have been and remain committed to being an anti-racist organisation which involves actively recognising and eradicating the effects of systemic racism within our organisation and our work.

We remain committed to levelling the playing field for all which includes within our chambers ensuring an environment which is free of prejudice, oppression and discrimination and which increases the chances of those from racialised backgrounds to succeed both in our organisation and the wider Bar. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is a central facet of our chambers and we recognise that this involves actively assessing where we can improve and implementing change within our organisation where it is needed.

Our commitment in being an anti-racist organisation involves the following:

1) Requiring all members and staff to undertake anti-oppression training which focuses on anti-racism.

2) Seeking to implement a mini-pupillage programme which focuses on widening participation to groups who are traditionally underrepresented at the bar along with partnering with external organisations to deliver work experience targeted at specific groups who suffer discrimination in recruitment particularly those from racialised backgrounds.

3) Building on the BSB’s Anti-Racist Statement and the Bar Council’s Framework for Taking Action on Equality by undertaking race equality audits which informs our equality action plan.

We are proud of our record in defending the rights and liberties of everyone including marginalised groups, by fearlessly representing our clients equally but we must remain vigilant against systemic racism and we make this pledge to continue our efforts in developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment for all.