R v AG – Basildon Crown Court


Hannah Webb represented a client who was stopped with around 12,000 ecstasy tablets in his car, along with some cocaine, 2kg of cannabis, around 9000 class C drugs and around 9000 ‘psychoactive substance’ tablets. He was found in possession of five phones, of which one was an ‘encrochat’ phone. He was charged with 2 x Possession with Intent to Supply Class A drugs, along with PWITS Class B, PWITS Class C and Supply of Psychoactive Substances. He pleaded to all matters except for supply of cocaine, which the Crown accepted.

Despite the fact that the starting point for half the amount of ecstasy pills would have been 10 years’ custody, and the client was a ‘third striker’ having two previous convictions for drug trafficking offences (and as such a mandatory minimum of seven years custody applied), following Hannah’s careful submissions he was sentenced to only six years custody for all matters.

Hannah was instructed by Haroon Shah of Imran Khan & Partners Solicitors.

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