R v MF


Hannah represented a man accused of injuring a police officer, such that the officer required stitches and had to take three weeks off work. Hannah’s client, the Defendant, denied causing the injury intentionally or recklessly, and contended that it was as a result of misdirected excessive force by police.

Hannah cross examined five police officers involved in restraining the defendant, outlining their use of force against him. With careful viewing of the BWV she established that at the point the injury to the police officer occurred the Defendant was being lifted in the air by one officer such that both feet were off the ground, with another pulling his left arm to the left, and another pulling his right arm to the right, and another pushing into his shoulder.

After a five day trial, the jury acquitted Hannah’s client in less than an hour.

Hannah was instructed by Mark Toman at Powell Spencer and Partners Solicitors

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