Coroner issues Preventing Future Death report to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care following inquest into the death of June (Angie) Challis

22 Sep 2023

HMAC Catherine Wood, acting area coroner for Mid Kent and Medway has issued a Preventing Future Deaths report following the conclusion of an inquest in the death of June (Angie) Challis. The Coroner’s concerns relate to the fact that evidence revealed insufficient staff on the ward that Angie was held on, meaning that the safety of patients was compromised. The staffing levels had an impact on observations, assistance provided and risk assessments.

The evidence heard at the inquest revealed recruitment issues that are being experienced by the Trust, in part due to a reduction in the number of nurses training nationally.

Further information is provided in the INQUEST media release: [June Angela Challis: Coroner raises concern about lack of NHS staffing and risk of future deaths | Inquest].

Angie’s family were represented at the inquest by Angelina Nicolaou, instructed by Leanne Devine of Scott-Moncrieff & Associates.

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