Hannah Webb secures acquittals in multiple protest cases.

14 Jul 2023

Brook House Three Acquittals

In June, Hannah Webb represented one of the defendants in the ‘Brook House Three’ trial, helping to secure the acquittal of three people charged with Public Nuisance. The Defendants blocked a road in front of Brook House Immigration Removal Centre near Gatwick Airport. The Defendants told the court that they had hoped to prevent or delay the forcible removal of detainees to Jamaica, with many detainees unlikely to have proper access to legal advice, and with detainees facing risk of serious harm throughout the deportation process.

After a trial lasting 11 days, the jury acquitted all three Defendants in only two hours.

Hannah was instructed alongside Patrick Wise-Walsh of Thomas More Chambers, and Audrey Cherryl Mogan of Garden Chambers. The solicitors were Hussain Hassan of Commons Law, and Zachary Whyte and paralegal Ruby Breward of Sperrin Law.

Hannah was instructed by Zachary Whyte and Ruby Breward of Sperrin Law.


Just Stop Oil Acquittals

At trial on 26th – 28th June, Hannah Webb, together with Hussain Hassan of Commons Law secured the acquittal of four Just Stop Oil campaigners charged with Aggravated Trespass.

The four defendants blocked the entrance to the BP Petrol Station at Clacket Lane Services. After a day of legal argument and submissions the District Judge found that he was not sure that the four defendants at the entrance were in fact trespassing, and acquitted them.

Three further defendants received very lenient sentences, with two being sentenced to an absolute discharge, and one receiving a small financial penalty.

Hannah was instructed by, and defended alongside Hussain Hassan of Commons Law.


Six month sentence for Defendant originally charged with Riot

Earlier this month, Hannah represented a defendant facing trial for Riot at Bristol Crown Court, who was recently identified as having been involved in the Kill the Bill protests in Bristol on 21st March 2021.

The Defendant was charged with Riot, but following representations by Hannah, the Crown agreed to accept a plea to Violent Disorder, and not pursue the Riot charge.

Following mitigation by Hannah, the Defendant, who was already a serving prisoner for an unrelated matter, was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

Other defendants convicted following the Kill the Bill protests in Bristol on 21st March have faced sentences of around 4-6 years’ imprisonment for Riot, and around 2-4 years’ imprisonment for Violent Disorder.

Hannah was instructed by Hussain Hassan of Commons Law.

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