MB inquest conclusion

5 Feb 2024

A three week inquest in the Gwent Coroner’s Court before HMSC Caroline Saunders has concluded, where evidence was heard relating to the death of Mouayed Bashir, and the roles played by Gwent police and the Welsh Ambulance Service (WAST) before he died.

The jury concluded that Mouayed’s death was caused by cocaine intoxication, contributed to by Acute Behavioural Disturbance (ABD) following a period of restraint by police.

The jury also concluded that the police had ‘insufficient knowledge’ around identifying signs of ABD.

Coverage of the inquest can be found here: The GuardianBBC and INQUEST.

Meghan Curran was part of the legal team representing Mouayed’s family, alongside Fiona Murphy KC of Doughty Street Chambers and Daniel Machover of Hickman & Rose Solicitors.

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