Rachel Francis looks at disclosure of documents from family court proceedings

9 Oct 2019

The recent – and by now infamous – case of Re Nasrullah Mursalin [2019] EWCA Civ 1559, in which a paralegal was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for disclosing papers from family proceedings to an immigration tribunal judge, has generated much concern amongst immigration practitioners about when it is permissible to disclose or rely upon documents from family proceedings. Although Mr Mursalin’s sentence was quashed by the Court of Appeal, the case serves as a salutary reminder of the need to be on top of this area of law.

In an article for Free Movement, Rachel Francis looks at:

  • The privacy principles that operate in the family court and Family Division
  • What amounts to a contempt of court
  • What documents can or cannot be disclosed
  • Communications about proceedings
  • Restrictions on public identification of children
  • How to obtain permission to disclose documents or rely on them in support of your client’s immigration case

Click here for the full story: https://www.freemovement.org.uk/disclosure-from-family-proceedings/

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