D8 V SSHD [2022] UKSIAC SC/179/2020


The applicant D8 is an Iranian national who had his refugee status revoked and was excluded from the UK on National Security grounds on the basis that he had an Islamist mind- set, was supportive of ISIL and had re-availed himself of the protection of Iran. After entering the UK in breach of the exclusion order D8 was detained at HMP Belmarsh in March 2021. Following a bail application before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (“SIAC”) on 15 June 2022, The Honourable Mr Justice Lane recognised that the significant period D8 had spent in bail as well as being an Adult at risk (level 2) strengthened his case for bail and that it was also significant that he had not absconded previously in the UK when claiming asylum and would likely pursue his case against exclusion and revocation in an appeal hearing before SIAC. In granting bail SIAC recognised that the national security case against D8 that risk was not sufficient so as to outweigh his case for bail.

Acting for D8 was Alex Burrett led by Samantha Knights KC and instructed by Sunita Joshi of JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors

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